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WordPress Theme Design (Premium Themes)

Posted 03/10/2016

“WordPress is known as a CMS (Content Management System), which is free but good, easy to use, and it is the most popular one in the world. It is osed as personal websites or large electronic information page such as CNN, Dow John, Wall Street Journal…”

We support you by helping you own a professional website on WordPress platform.

Advantage of WordPress is user-friendly and SEO optimized. Our task is to design a commpletely new wordpress website with the most professional interface, while ensuring all functions are working well, friendly with mobile devices, and friendly with search engines.

What is a professional WordPress website?

A website which is built and developed on WordPress platform must ensure stability, friendly and professional interface (Premium Themes) and compatible with any screen size (Responsive design). Moreover, SEO optimization and fast responsive speed are also important factors. With our WordPress web design services, we ensure that your website will get quick promotions. It means that you will get more and more potential customers.

Why you should choose Get It Done as your WordPress website design company?

If you are still wondering about our services, please take a look at our design steps.

  • Customer sends request of design – We analyze and send quotation.
  • Customer agrees to use the service – Sign Service Contract.
  • Customer make the payment – We carry out the service.
  • Design website from hand-drawn sketch -> Photoshop or Illustractor drawing of the Designers – Customer approves and edit the demo version.
  • Customer agrees with the design – Our Coders will convert from design file into an active website.
  • During the work, we still help the customer manage, upgrade, or repair the website.
  • In particular, with 100% refund policy, (specified in the contract), you are absolutely assured about our service quality.

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