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Why you should choose us?

Posted 03/10/2016

We have design experience following the global trends; our customers include many businesses and individuals in Vietnam and abroad.
We always guarantee the quality thanks to the good combination of designer and coder, so that the final product always ensure the consistency in terms of design, form, and no-copying.
The price is always reasonable coming upwith quality of the work. We get the money, and you have the satisfaction!
We make commitment for the time. The work progress is always guaranteed, there will be no extension time, except for the case when the customer requires editing.
SEO optimizing design. During the design process, we ensure that the website will always operate friendly with all search engines. 100% SEO installation support.
Support to upgrade after put into operation. We always support the customers to update website if necessary.
Hand over the entire design to the customers. The customers have full right to use, upgrade, edit, or deliver to others.
Ensure the privacy. We do not place copyright logo or backlink at the customer’s site upon request of the customer. We do not disclose the design information. All other rights are reserved.
In particular, we commit to implement 100% refund policy if there is any mistake during work or website error that can not be repaired or recoverd (in accordance with the contract terms and conditions)
24/7 support via hotline; emails are replied within 24 hours.