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Landing Page Design

Posted 03/10/2016

It is target page of a website, also known as a squeeze page, a link page to help the customer access businesses or products in the most optimized way. Landing Page is being used more and more extensively in marketing nowadays. It can be a subpage in your main website, a popup or microsite with subdomain address.

Creating a SEO optimized landing page is not simple. With many years of experience in designing landing page, we will help you analyze, evaluate, and design; your job is just provide needed information and images.

Some requirements of a professional Landing Page:

+ Have certain and clear objectives

+ Indicate benefits to users

+ Lead the story and persuade the customers

+ Honest, fast, and clear

+ Reasonable, logical design and layout

+ Beautiful pictures of high quality

Landing page is designed depending on the product or service; however, basically they must meet certain requirements. If you have any question, we are ready to advise you for free.

The construction of landing page is always a prerequisite for promotion and advertisement of your products and services, so we are always serious during the work in order to ensure the fastest progress as possible. A landing page can be finished in 3-5 days, some projects can be urgently completed within 24 hours. With our 100% refund policy, you can be fully assured to believe us.